A Dutch soldier experiences the first days of World War II on the Zeeland Flanders coast. Helpless in face of the looming German invasion, his faith in God will be put to a test.

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Running time: 15:50

Original Production Format: Super 16mm


Original language: Dutch

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Sound: 5.1 Surround


Produced in 2019 in Zeeland, the Netherlands

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Jan Simons: Tomer Pawlicki

De Ruiter: Steef Verheijen

Luitenant Derksen: Sijzte van der Meer

Hellendoorn: Bart Klop

Terpstra: Enzo Coenen

Buyze: Bart Oomen

Boone: Emile Osinga



Writer and Director: Juri Ferri


Producers: Thomas Mataheru & Jolijn van Rinsum

Director of Photography: Casper van Oort


Director of Photography: Clara Stephanie Schieber Lorenesi


Production Designer: Adrian Wittenberg


Art Director: Marcus van Binsbergen

Costume Designer: Louka Hogendijk

Editor: Marijn Maas

Sound Designer: Simon Epstein

Music: Enrico Ferri



Official Selections & Awards

Film by the Sea 2019

Cinecity | Vlissingen, Netherlands | 18-21 September 2019

New Renaissance Film Festival Amsterdam 2020

LAB111 | Amsterdam, Netherlands | 28 February 2020

*Winner* Best Historical Short Film

International Short Film Festival Middelburg 2020 

Middelburg, Netherlands | 14 June 2020

*Winner* Best Provincial Short Film

*Winner* Best Actor in a Provincial Short Film (Tomer Pawlicki)

New Renaissance Film Festival London 2020

London, UK | 10-13 September 2020

Elba Film Festival 2020

Piazza Bonanno | Marciana Marina, Italy | 19 September 2020

*Winner* Best Editing

Charlotte Film Festival 2020

Charlotte, NC, USA | 23-27 September 2020

LIFF - Lebanese Independent Film Festival 2020

Beirut, Lebanon | 25-26 September 2021

Festival Caminhos do Cinema Português 2020

Cinema Avenida | Coimbra, Portugal | 16 November 2020

Festival 1666 - Festival Internacional de Cinema 16mm

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil | 22-29 November 2020

Veterans Film Festival 2020

Canberra, Australia | 30 November-31 December 2020

*Winner* Best Student Film

*Winner* Best Film School

*Winner* Sergeant Joseph Cecil Thompson Award for Best Music

Filmfestival Tegenstroom 2020

Oostburg, Netherlands | 23-25 April 2020

Carmarthen Bay Film Festival 2021

Llanelli, UK | 17-20 May 2021

Festival Internationale du Film de Fiction Historique 2021

L'Onyx | Plaisance-du-Touch, France | 24 September 2021

Aired on the TV channels Omroep Zeeland and ShortsTV

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Behind the Scenes


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Article by "L'Eco di Bergamo", 29th December 2020 (in Italian)


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