Camera & Lighting


I also have a varied experience working in the camera and lighting department in different types of production, from feature to short film, from corporate to music video. I am committed to always contribute to any set I work on with positive attitude and hard work.

Here is a partial list of the films and other content I worked on in different roles:


Adam (Feature), GAFFER, dir. Tom Wolt,  DP Tamás Méder, Pathfinder Studios, 2021 (in post-production)

Sports Team/Happy (God’s Own Country) (Lyric video), GAFFER, dir. Charles Gall, DP Jed Darlington-Roberts, 2021

Ahluwalia x Mulberry present: Parts of Me (Fashion), SPARK, dir. Akinola Davis Jr, DP Xenia Patricia, LG Studios, 2021

The First Dance (Short), SPARK, dir. Naomi Waring, DP Xenia Patricia, RCSSD, 2021

Half Guard (Short), SPARK, dir. Mark O'Connor, DP ET Ng, 2021

"Autostima" con Raffaele Morelli (Educational/Corporate), GAFFER, DP Tamas Meder, dir. Thomas Morelli, RIZA Video Corsi, 2020

Jennifer Kamikazi / Lebanon Mountains (Music Video), GAFFER, dir./DP  Joanns Buncelmans, Moving Image Europe, 2020

Nicole Easy/Exposed (EP) (Various Music Videos), SPARK, dir./DP  Joanns Buncelmans Moving Image Europe, 2020

HOOP (Corporate), SPARK, Spectrecom Films, 2019

OpenBook Insights (Corporate), SPARK, Spectrecom Films, 2019


Le Déjeuner (Short), GAFFER, dir. Sweta Tagliabue, DP Ezequiel Romero, Infinitrim Films, 2019


No Limiar do Pensamento (Short), SPARK, dir. Antonio Sequeira, Arri Alexa Mini, Sequeira Films, 2018


Kindling (Short), GAFFER, dir. Emma Catalfamo, Arri Alexa, London Film School, 2018


La bella stagione (Documentary), GRIP (UK Crew), dir. Marco Ponti, DP Timothy Aliprandi, prod. Groenlandia / Rai Cinema, 2022

Gallivant (Short), 1st ASSISTANT CAMERA, dir. Rory Baynham, 2021

The Burning Chicken (Feature), 1st ASSISTANT CAMERA, dir. Teeva Chema, 16mm, 2020 (in post-production)

Knock Knock (Short), 1st ASSISTANT CAMERA, dir. Shian Denovan, Affecting Films, 2020 (in post-production)

NXT 2020 (Multi-camera live event), FOCUS PULLER, Hillsong, 2020

Kadeem Tyrell / How I Feel (Music Video), 1st ASSISTANT CAMERA, dir. James Campayne, Campayne Media, 2020

All the Same (Short), 1st ASSISTANT CAMERA, dir. Akash Prasad, SurrealShot Vision, 2020

Kadeem Tyrell / For Good (Music Video), 1st ASSISTANT CAMERA, dir. James Campayne, Campayne Media, 2019

Whispers of Smoke (Short), 1st ASSISTANT CAMERA, dir. Nathan Theys, Blackmagic Ursa, Film Creatives, 2019


Saipem Ethics (Corporate), 2nd ASSISTANT CAMERA, dir. Paul Katiss, D.P. Lee Pulbrook, Sony F55, Pukka Films, 2019

Cadoghan Hall (Multi-camera live event), CAMERA ASSISTANT, Spectrecom Films, 2019

To Work With Love (Short), 2nd ASSISTANT CAMERA, dir. Eddie Thomas, 16mm, Alias Productions / Disco Films, 2019

Suburban Curiosity (Short), 1st ASSISTANT CAMERA, dir. Clément Cohen, Arri Alexa, London Film School, 2018


Fear of Heights (Peur du vide) (Short), 2nd ASSISTANT CAMERA / DIT, dir. Hélène Schweitzer, Red Epic-W, Pilocatabase, 2018


Stolen Love (Short), 1st ASSISTANT CAMERA, dir. Vivian Liu, Arri Alexa Mini, UAL: London College of Communication, 2018

Play On! (Short), CAMERA OPERATOR, dir. William Haigh, Arri Alexa, colour, London Film School, 2018


Emergency Exit (Short), 1st ASSISTANT CAMERA, dir. Eliot Gerberg-Wilson, 35mm, London Film School, 2018