When Juri was a little boy, his grandfather used to bring him to the cinema almost every Sunday. Later in life, Juri decided that he did not just want to watch films: he wanted to be part in making them, and wanted to tell his stories through film.


Born and raised near Bergamo, Italy,  Juri moved to the Netherlands in 2012, where he followed a BA in Liberal Arts at University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, combining his life long passion for history with courses in film & media studies, creative writing, and musicology. Next to his curriculars, he worked on several film and video projects, and was chairman of the student filmmaking society for one year.


In 2016, he moved to London to pursue an MA in Filmmaking at the London Film School. During his time at the LFS, he received an intense practical training in all aspects of filmmaking, and had the chance to get experience in a wide variety of roles in almost every department. This led him to specialise in directing and cinematography. He graduated in summer 2019 with the short film Meidagen (Days of May) shot in the Netherlands on 16mm.


He is interested in a wide range of film styles and topics, and especially in films with a strong visual impact. He is particularly interested in stories set in our past, and has a passion for the look and workflow of celluloid film. He wants to tell his own stories, but he is also very keen on helping other filmmakers achieve their vision. He is fluent in English, Italian and Dutch.


Whenever he can, he still goes to the cinema with his grandfather.






Meidagen (Days of May), WRITER AND DIRECTOR, 16mm, 16 min, London Film School / Blanc Film, 2019


UB-13, WRITER AND DIRECTOR, 35mm, 13 min, London Film School, 2018

A Family and Friends, DIRECTOR, Digital, 49 min, 2018 (Documentary)





Proschay, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, dir. Joanns Buncelmans, Sony FS7, 15 min, London Film School, 2019

Espacios Vacíos, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, dir. Clara Stephanie Schieber Lorenesi, Sony F65, 19 min, London Film School, 2019


On/Off, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, dir. Calif Chong, 16mm, 4 min, London Film School, 2017


Aperture, DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY, dir. Andrea Vigoni, 16mm, 4 min, London Film School, 2016




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